Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China

Katharina and Jenny's latest trip went to the Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China! We are always trying to find new experiences and new products for ZOUK and the Guangzhou Trade Fair was definitely an experience for Jenny and Katharina. The Chinese are big into Taxidermy and big antique-like gramophones for the...

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India Trip

Pink city/Blue cityA seven hour car ride between Jaipur and Jodhpur. The best way to travel in India is with a private driver and an air-conditioned 4 wheel drive. And you will see the real India. We must have went through 15 villages, countless holy cows and scenic landscapes. Beauty...

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Shanghai Trip

We made a mad dash to Shanghai last spring as we were needing new product for the stores. In four days we covered a lot. Antique markets, probably the largest textile market in the world and of course some sightseeing. Our best tip from Shanghai: bring all your favourite worn...

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Bali Trip

Remind us not to go to Bali in the height of summer again. Work was limited to a few hours in the morning and late afternoon. Lucky us, our hotel had a pool and bar!!! Our very competent driver (ex soccer pro) took us to some great areas were we...

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New buying trip coming up

Jenny and Katharina are off on another buying trip soon. New exciting stuff is needed for Christmas and this time we are going to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, so expect lots of beautiful exotic fabrics and ornamental pieces. We are also visiting the orphanage and charity organisation Yodifee in Phnom...

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I'm in Marrakech, Morocco for the moment looking for beautiful, amazing things and it's not difficult, I can tell you that. Wherever you go, wherever you look there are so many beautiful things. I love this city! It is so chaotic and crazy and the traffic I will not even...

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