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India Trip

Pink city/Blue city

A seven hour car ride between Jaipur and Jodhpur. The best way to travel in India is with a private driver and an air-conditioned 4 wheel drive. And you will see the real India.

We must have went through 15 villages, countless holy cows and scenic landscapes. Beauty galore!

ZOUK in India

A lot has changed since we were there last, a year and a half ago. People are wearing helmets on motor cycles, at least the adults, the baby on the handle bars is still without.
We were so prepared this time to take things as they come, you know “the only plan you can have in India is too have no plan” unless you want to be very frustrated.
We met up in Delhi, flights arrived within 5 mins of each other. On time flight to Jaipur, all luggage in tow.

After checking in to our unassuming business hotel “Fortune Select Metropolitan” (they love long names), first thing we did was to head over to our favorite restaurant Peshawri at the ITC Rajputana hotel. We were craving Indian food and are always in food heaven the first week before the carnivore in us is needing meat.

Three hardcore working days to follow. Waking up at 5am (jet lagged), ready to work. Only thing is, our suppliers do not get to their offices until closer to 11. We met with our favorite suppliers from the previous trips and they did not disappoint. Amazing new product, best chai ( about 15 a day) and just the loveliest people to work with.

Our last night in Jaipur, Kishor, a genuine Rajhput invited us out for dinner with his lovely wife and son at the roof top restaurant at the Clarks Amer. A must when you visit Jaipur.
Do not order the local wine though. Someone very wise told us not to expect great wine from a country that does not drink (there’s a point there).

Since this was our third visit to Jaipur we skipped the cultural sights, but if and when you go, an elephant ride up to Amber Fort, a visit to the palace and a meal at Rambagh palace ( will set you back a month salary) is a must.

So, off to Jodhpur. The blue city with all the antiques.
But where is the blue?? In Jaipur all of the old city is painted the same orange/ pinkish color, so we expected the same in Jodhpur.
We only saw it on the second day looking out from the Mehrangarh fort (THE tourist attraction)
The fort was bit of a disappointment and also that it is only from there you get the view of the blue part of the city which was painted blue by the Brahmins (priests) back in the day to keep them safe from invaders. That’s just one theory. others are that the sky landed on Jodhpur and also that the blue color just keeps the house cool in the summer…

One surprise was the Umaid Bhawan Palace where the Maharaja still lives in half the palace and the other half is a Taj 5 star hotel. It is the second largest palace in the world after Buckingham palace and the newest ever built. Started building in 1923 and completed after 20 years. An art deco style palace, has too be seen with your own eyes…

We toured all the antique shops with our driver Chatty (lovely guy and yes, lived up to his name)

Our all time favorite in Jodhpur is the hotel Ajit Bhawan. The most whimsical, romantic oasis hidden off the main road.
If anyone is planning a India wedding. This is the place.

A week in India accomplished!

No airport delays, only half day of Delhi belly, great massage and masses of delicious textiles coming your way.

That’s what we call a successful buying trip!
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