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Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China

Katharina and Jenny's latest trip went to the Trade Fair in Guangzhou, China!

We are always trying to find new experiences and new products for ZOUK and the Guangzhou Trade Fair was definitely an experience for Jenny and Katharina. The Chinese are big into Taxidermy and big antique-like gramophones for the moment. This made it easy for us to skip a couple of floors that were full of stuffed animals and gramophones... We didn't think stuffed dogs, leopards, birds etc would suit ZOUK’s style… And neither would the horrendous gramophones.

The Fair is absolutely enormous and being Chinese and catering mostly to the Chinese market there were lots of things that didn’t interest us at all, however we did find some amazing treasures. The absolutely latest trend that we found at the Fair, and in Europe and the US too, is Agate and Crystals. On boxes, bottles, trays and a variety of other things. We are so excited to bring some of the things in to our shops for you all to see. They are really quiet stunning. Brushed gold, bronze and other metallic colours are still the go.

It is easy to think about Chinese products as a bit cheep and not so well made but it must be said that we did find some suppliers with the most gorgeous products and extremely well made, which was really lovely.

Guangzhou, except for the Fair, is a place that can be easily missed. We didn’t see the sky for three days and not only because of smog but also due to rain and grey skies. We actually got so bored that we spent most evenings in the hotel gym and pool. One evening feeling particularly sporty, Jenny persuaded Katharina to sign up for a triathlon…. We’ll see if we can be disciplined enough…

Last 24 hours of our trip we spent in Hong Kong which is always a treat. We discovered this new great restaurant with fantastic art. “Bibo" is located on Hollywood Rd, above the antique street. A bit of a secret place, we had to knock on the door for someone to open but well worth the hassle to get in :-) Food, art and service was great.

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