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The Shop: ZOUK Los Angeles, 1311C Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 310-260-1230; zouklosangeles.com.

ZOUK Los Angeles, an eclectic new store chock full of global finds from such exotic places as India, Morocco and Australia, is the latest home shop to open in Southern California’s trendy Santa Monica neighbourhood. The fabulous 1,700-square-foot new store came about when shop owners, jet-setters and sisters Jenny Best and Katharina Tagliaferro decided to combine their love of travel and unique home finds with their desire to give back to the world through charities. Every time a shopper purchases an item from ZOUK Los Angeles, a portion of sales is donated to a charity chosen by the shopper.
ZOUK Los Angeles
We love the idea of shopping for a good cause so we chatted with Jenny and Katharina about ZOUK Los Angeles…and their obsession with Angry Birds. Scroll down to read the full Q&A and don’t miss our sneak peek slideshow of the inside of the new store below.

What was the inspiration for this new shop?
Our inspiration for the shop was our love of beautiful things and traveling combined with the idea of being able to do our part in giving back to others.
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